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Royal Chelsea Pensioners visit to Tunisia

Chelsea Pensioners in TunisiaOn Tuesday morning the sun shone and after a hearty breakfast we began making our way to the bowling green all fired up for our first friendly competition between the Royal Chelsea Pensioners and Mercian Bridge and Bowls players.

The Pensioners having the edge as they tried to intimidate us by appearing in their perfect ‘whites’ whilst we being holiday makers were in mufti.

Chelsea Pensioners in TunisiaA lot of humming and erring went on, teams were picked and Col. Nigel Gilbert very generously gave out commemorative lapel badges to the opposition as a memento of the game and finally the match commenced

The game proceeded quietly to begin with, each team getting the measure of his or her opposite number but once all the deliberation had taken place the green got very animated with shouts and laughter with all having a great time.

Chelsea Pensioners in TunisiaThe match consisted of playing six ends and then changing rinks which gave us the opportunity of meeting and getting to know one another.

The morning passed very quickly and before we knew it the match came to an end.

Winners were announced and the pensioners were presented with Mercian Travel commemorative pens. We happily went into our pre lunch refreshments busily discussing our mornings lossess and gains.

Chelsea Pensioners in TunisiaThe afternoon was spent at leisure, around the pool, sleeping, or walking along the beach which is conveniently situated at the end of hotel’s garden.

During the evening we either played bridge, sat in the lounge or bar talking and then some of us braved the Green Park Animation teams entertainment hour which is followed by dancing to European music. The entertainment area is also supplied with a free bar so the men are kept happy whilst the ladies dance around their handbags!.

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