Bowlers Program 2013

Welcome to the RIU Bellevue Park Hotel

This year, 2013, we are back at the RIU Bellevue Park Hotel situated in PORT EL KANTAOUI, Tunisia which no doubt is a old favourite for us all.

We know well that the hotel has a superb green where we will be bowling during the very varied bowling programme that we have planned. There will be the usual mixture that David and I have run in the past, Round Robins to enable us to get to know one-another, triples and Fours, Mystery Pairs, 4321 and a firm favourite because it taxes all of us equally, Fixed short and long Jack!! Of course we shall also have Men V Ladies, and one or two other new games that we have up our sleeve that we wont divulge until we have too!!.

Meet at the green 9.30-9.45 to sort out your woods for a 10.00 start. We will be bowling every morning for those of you who wish, competitions matches to be played in the afternoons. We will be having a bowls match against The RIU Green Park bowling group at some time during our stay, date to be set yet. We have heard that another group will be bowling at the Bellevue Park Hotel in the second week of our holiday and we might be able to arrange a match against them, fingers crossed.

Also in the itinerary we intend having Men and Ladies Single Championships, Mixed Pairs Championship, Mixed Triples Championship. All drawn out of the hat to make it fair for everyone.

Hope the above sounds fun and there is something for everyone to enjoy and fight over.

The Dinar at the moment is 2.50 to the £1. lets hope it stays that way, or gets better.

We are still getting a better deal than the Euro and as most of you know there is no need to change vast sums of monies but only what you need on a daily basis. The exchange rate is fixed throughout Tunisia and the Hotel bank is available at any time of the day or night. No need to go hunting for the best rate it's on your doorstep, so if you see something that you would like to buy just wait till you get back to the hotel or go to the nearest ATM machine to get your money.

Phone calls are quite expensive in the hotel; the best place to make a phone call home is at a large supermarket. They are called Taxi phones and you dial 00 44 knocking off the first 0 of your dialling code back home.

It is advisable to only drink bottled water which can easily be purchased either in the supermarket or perhaps the hotel shop.

Getting around Tunisia is comparatively cheap. Taxis are very reasonable and the price is for the cab not individual people so if two or four of you want to make a trip the price should be the same.

As some of you already know, shopping in Tunisia is about haggling. The price starts around four times the price, so if the item you want is £20 don't pay more than £5-£7. remember they have to make some profit!!

There will also be some 'fixed price' shops were no haggling takes place. You make your choice and pay the money.

We are looking forward to meeting you all, helping Mercian Travel give you a great time.