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RIU Bellevue Park (All Inclusive)

17th Oct - 31st Oct 2010



We arrived at Monastir Airport on a hot bright morning eager to get through passport control and hand ourselves over to the capable hands of Saphir Voyages who transferred us onto the excellent 4* RUI Bellevue Park Hotel.

RUI Bellevue Park HotelAs we arrived at the welcoming foyer of the Bellevue Park, we were greeted by the reception staff as old friends. Refreshing welcome drinks were given out and booking in commenced.

The afternoon was spent settling into our rooms and familiarising ourselves with the vast hotel surroundings enjoying pool side drinks, cakes, and crepes.

Dinner in the evening was an experience enjoyed by all and ended with coffee and drinks being taken either in the lounge or on one of the terraces. We drifted off one by one to our beds after a long day eager to start bowling on Monday morning.

Bellevue Bowling GreenMonday morning, after breakfast, we sauntered along to the bowling green eager to prove to one-another that we were the best bowlers ever! Bowls were chosen and onto that green we fell. Rinks were drawn out of the bag and random teams were picked. We played six ends and then it was all switch about again for another six ends. In all eighteen ends were played which gave everyone the opportunity of mixing and playing with everyone in the party. And guess what, the sun shone and shone all morning which made going into the hotel for pre-lunch drinks enevitable and all the more enjoyable.

Bellevue Bowling GroupWe had a variety of games which included round robin's, teams and individuals all drawn out from the lucky bag, fixed jacks, mystery pairs or triples and 4321 with fixed jack & mat, which kept everyone's brains ticking over.

All games as they discovered, for the winners of the morning were Marks & Spencer's vouchers, a great surprise for everyone. Some even winning enough to afford great things at Marks this Christmas. We also had organised, if you wanted to enter, a singles, drawn pairs and drawn triples competition which ran over the two weeks.

Bellevue Bowling Green FloodlightsA first for this holiday was floodlight bowling, after dinner at approximately nine o'clock we headed out in the cool of the evening, to the green, (making sure the waiters followed with our drinks order ) to play Irish Bowls instigated by Peggy Farmer who was the only one who Knew the rules. An hour or so of play, laughter, and shouting followed, we think this is such a good game that we agree to play again for another 3 nights. Rules were simply Irish and was not as easy game to win, first to go Skips, "Yeah" Skips, then two's, then lead who after finishing his or her woods bowled the jack hopefully to there teams woods, I'm afraid, yes quite a few moans as the jack had a mind of it's own and didn't go quite where it should have, good fun for all and a great game.

Bellevue Bowlers October 2008Competitions were supported well and winning bowlers accepting vouchers and trophies at the presentation, lots of new friends made as three groups from Birmingham, Hayes and Bognor Regis joined together to make a great holiday. Four bowlers made it to two finals getting double bubble in vouchers and trophies.


We look forward to meeting all our new and old friends soon, and should you wish to join us please get in touch, Bowls Groups


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