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President 2019 - 2020 Ned Waddock Hello, my fellow members of Bognor B.C. I will be your president for the next two years and will do my best to make sure we all enjoy my time as president. We now have the lease to the new clubhouse which runs for three years, this can be extended if both parties are happy with the arrangement. We have applied for a liquor licence and of writing this report we are still awaiting the result.

Having our own clubhouse gives us great opportunities to hold different functions and let us all enjoy the wonderful facility. I hope everyone will try and attend the functions that your club committee lay on and make every event a great success.

On the playing side the Ladies could do with a few more members, so if you know of anyone please encourage them to come to Waterloo Square and try, we will give them all the help they need. I wish Captain Janet and all the Ladies good bowling for the summer, knowing they will give their all and will never let the club down.

The men are in a stronger position having more members and i hope that we at least return one of our (if not both) teams to the first division where we belong. I wish Captain Nick and all the men a happy and successful season.

As we all head down the road of life, we will all experience good and bad times, that is where our club and the camaraderie we share helps one to cope with what life throws at us. God bless everyone and enjoy your bowling.

Ned Waddock
President 2019 - 2020

Past President's

We have been lucky enough as a club to benefit from these Presidents who have given up their time to carry on the fine work that this club set many moons ago.

Beryl Charlesworth 2017 - 2018

David Parker 2015 - 2016

Eileen Tooley 2013 - 2014

Terry Rexstrew 2011 - 2012

Alma Harrison 2009 - 2010

Arthur Richardson 2007 - 2008