Portugal Bowling  Holiday


Champions we are and our bowlers are claiming International status for winning the 1st Foundation Day Cup at PEDRAS da RAINHA Bowling Club, in CABANAS, ALGARVE.


After what seemed months of deliberations and pleasant meetings thrashing out minor problems over how many mini coaches, cars,villas, and who we would be playing, were we to wear whites or casual, our flights were booked and we were all looking forward to our first Bognor Regis Mixed Bowling Tour to the Algarve thanks mainly to the hard work of Norman Burchfell who organised the whole tour from his beautiful home just outside Tavira.

We duly booked our flights early to enjoy reasonable fares, unfortunately those who had booked with Ryan Air found that their flights had been cancelled and had to hurridly re book to Easyjet on an early flight which at least meant that they had the benifit of lounging around the pool on a warm sunny day.

Bognor Regis Bowls Club Tour Of Portugal 2010

Those of us who caught the later Easyjet flight arrived with plenty of time to check in and check that all our paperwork was in order. UNFORTUNATELY Rod Lincoln discovered that his wife, Diane, who very kindly does all his packing for him had, inadvertently put her passport into his BUMBAG (and how apt this expression became throughout the holiday)!!!

A frantic phone call to Diane from Rod pleading with her to get in the car and bring his passport to Gatwick. We had checked with Easyjet as to whether he would be able to travel without his passport as we had his number and issue date, but to no avail. Easyjet did offer a later flight for the extra sum of £43. but unfortunately the next Easyjet flight was not until the following Wednesday. The day we were coming home!!!

We were able to inform the supervisor of our dilemma who advised that the rest of the party should check in and that Rod , if Diane, was able to arrive before the desk closed on that flight would be hastely ushered through. We all wished Rod goodbye and left him to it.

We went through Custom control in the usual haphazard manner, wondering why there were only two operators. We, as all travellers, appreciate the need for security, but even arriving at the airport two hours before a flight does not seem long enough. Perhaps we shall all have to start making a day of it at the airport, maybe a couple of small cinemas might come in useful to while away a few hours prior to departure, plus better outside facilities for the few unfortunates that smoke.

Our flight was called and we mayed our way down to the departure lounge, all the while looking out for our poor Rodney. Suddenly with only minutes to spare there he was, hot and flustered, having run all the way to gate 111!! With shouts of "Well done Rodders" we all boarded the 17.05 flight to Faro.

Arriving at Faro we were delighted to see Norman and David Parker waiting for us to escort us to the mini buses and be driven to the Pedras da Rainha complex which was going to be home for us for the next seven days.

Rod was deposited into the safe custody of Ted Love who, as they were going to be sharing a villa with one another, undertook to look after him, for the duration of the holiday as he ,Ted , knew how Rod felt, because his wife June did all the packing for him!! and what an association they formed throughout the holiday!! We referred to them as 'The Odd Couple' and everyone knew who we meant. Ted even offered to pay to have his suitcase unpacked as he didn't know what or where to put his clothes. He even went as far as taking a ladies suitcase to his villa so that she would have to take his back to him and hopefully find him crying and take pity on him!

Norman Burchfell winner of the Spider

Norman had ensured with the restaurant that a light meal would be able for us should we require one but first on the agenda was the need for liquid refreshment after which food was eaten, mainly toasties and then one by one we drifted back to our villas looking forward to the next days activities.

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