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President Arthur Richardson

The "agony and the ecstasy"

Bowls is a funny old game full of highs and lows, none more clearly illustrated that of the "HOTSHOT".

Recently whilst playing an away friendly with the Bognor Tourists at Parade, Eastbourne, we suffered the AGONY of dropping a full count, a Hotshot in a game which was then well lost.

Never before and we determine never again will we allow this "rare"? occurrence to happen.

But is it so rare? Apparently not, as in the same week again at an away friendly match at Croydon the Bognor Regis Bowls Club achieved the reverse, a HOTSHOT, in that game narrowly won. For that successful rink the ECSTASY of now sporting the relevant badges for the rest of us to know and to admire.

Yes bowls is a funny old game, but not so funny when you are on the receiving end.

Arthur Richardson

Past President Bognor Regis Bowls Club

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