Special Moments of a Great Season

Captain Edward (Ned) WaddockWell, as we approach the end of a wonderful season for Bognor Bowls Club, I will try and remember some of the special moments for me, as the Captain of our great Club formed back in the 1920s.

Firstly, may I thank every member of our Club, Ladies and Gentlemen, for helping to make this a year to remember. Our Ladies Team has had a fine season under the Captaincy of Beryl and just failed to maintain their position of second place; well done all the ladies.

It has been my privilege to Captain the Men's Team this year and I was not over surprised by our success. Having now been a member for three years I knew we had some very good bowlers in our Club and although we struggled last year, there were reasons for this; this season I have been lucky to have every one available and, with the addition of some new members, it gave me a bigger choice from which to select our winning team. Some good bowlers did not make the League Team regularly, but can I thank all of you for your support when called on to replace a first choice. The Club would not function without you. Thanks again.


Alma & Ned @ Finals DayThere have been some wonderful games during this season and great bowling by everyone. Two games come readily to my mind. The first was the superb win by Ron, David, Tel and Bob against Southbourne and also, in the same game, Arthur, Rod, John and Steve’s fight back from a score of 10:0 down to gain a great win and give Bognor the title. The second is the game against Hotham having lost the first encounter to Hotham 10:0 while I was away on Tour with West Sussex Tourists, my friend Mr Ford (Derek) took great pleasure in ribbing me about the result, and the other Tourists joined in the banter (all in good fun).


I might add that the game was being hard fought and by the 18th end Bognor were holding a one shot advantage. Alan and I had bowled our woods, Bob then bowled his first and we were now five shots down. You could feel the Hotham lads smell the victory. Then Bob came to the mat with his second wood. From the moment it left his hand I knew it was a beauty and sure enough it settled right by the jack. The Hotham lads’ expressions changed on that one shot and we went on to win by eight shots and end up top rink. I am sure we all have our special games and that one happens to be mine. Please send in yours and let us all enjoy your special moments.

Alma & Terry @ Finals DayI hope your not getting too bored with my reminiscing, but there are just a few special thank you's I need to make. My Vice Captain, Terry, not to mention Vice President as well, has been my rock throughout the season. Thank you Tel for all your hard work and support, not to forget all the other work he does for our great Club. I would also like to thank David Parker and David Jackson for their help and advice during the season. They also do great work for our Club. Also, our President, Alma, has led the Club in a dignified manner and I am sure will do so during 2010.



I will close with wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Winter. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the Spring of 2010 at Waterloo Square when the Men’s Section will face new challenges in the higher division, but I am sure the Bognor Boys will rise to the challenge and hold their own.

Let me leave you with two famous quotations “It’s not what Bognor Bowls Club can do for you, but what you can do for Bognor Bowls Club” (JFK) and another favourite “Come on my Babies” heard on most greens in West Sussex and we all know the owner of that quotation, don’t we Tom!

Edward (Ned) Waddock

Captain Bognor Regis Bowls Club