Portugal Bowling  Holiday




This was a free day which saw groups doing their own thing . Some went down the coast to Monte Gordo for the day and saw people lounging in the local Cafés of dipping their toes in the Sea. An excellent day out.


An early start after another hearty but predictably similar breakfast for a 10 am start Portuguese time in Spain at Canela Lawn Bowls club in Ayamonte. So a 40 Min trip over the bridge into Espana after a lovely untroubled journey . Tommy Gaskin was Captain of the day and again we were treated regally by our hosts. The bowling was excellent and Tommy became the only victorious Captain as Bognor cruised to a 106 -94 win . Afterwards we went to a restaurant and had a meal which saw some of our number get rather nasty tummy symptoms later on. One bus took a cruise around the Isle de Canela after the match and ended at Punto Morales in a successful tobacco run and a few cheap drinks in the bar at the local fishing village. The other Bus stopped at the Shoe factory for the fashion whims of the lady passengers. A nice trip home and a snack only later for some saw another lovely sunny day come to a close.

Bognor Regis Bowls Club Tour Of Portugal 2010


At home at Pedras where there was to be a competition between teams from Bognor , Pedras, and other visiting teams from Litchfield and fro Ailsham in Norfolk.

There were 16 teams in all playing Rinks this included 5 from Bognor. There were two pools of 8 teams in each . Each team played 3 matches and the two teams with the highest points score etc. from each pool played in the semi finals. This had 3 Bognor teams and one form the local team at Pedras Captained by Gavin. In the first semi Tommy Gaskin team lost to Ron Eastlands team by one shot over 6 ends. Rod had lost an early round robin match but had still made it the the final. In the second game Gavin's Pedras team Played Bognor 4 Dave Parker's team who wonder spite losing the first three ends. So the final Between Ron Eastland quartet and and Dave Parker's four saw Ron's team go into an early lead and go to 6-2 up by the 4th end. Dave's team got a 3 on the 5th to be 6-5 down with one end to go. It was nip and tuck until Penny Jones for Ron's tea wicked in to take the shot with only the Skips to bowl. Unfortunately Dave was not up to the job so Ron's team won 7=5 to take the inaugural PedrasTrophy.

Ron's victorious team were Barbara Reardon, Arthur Harrison , Penny Jones and Ron Eastland (guesting for Crablands B.C) The Runners up were Rod Lincoln, Rita Waddock, Ned Waddock and Dave Parker.

The evening saw us at a Gala Dinner with all the other teams. A fabulous meal and occasion. It was also Rods 70th Birthday and a good time was had by all. At the dinner I announced the results of our Player of the Week and winner of the Santa Antonio trophy. In first Place was Barbara Reardon with a plus 15 score( shot difference over the week being the criterion used) Derek Ford (guesting from Hotham BC) was second with plus 8 and third was Dave Jackson with plus 5. Well done all the bowlers who gave their all.

Pedras Foundation Day Tournament


We left the complex by 07.15 am to get the 10.05 flight from Faro to Gatwick . An uneventful drive to the airport with Rod in possession of the correct passport and a lovely flight home after a slight delay. We said our goodbyes at Gatwick knowing that we had a great time together.

Big thanks to Norman Burchfell for organising the event, hopefully the first of many.

David Parker

Wed 31st March 2010