Tuesday Triples Competition

Hello everyone, welcome to the 2015 Tuesday Triples page where we hope to keep you up-to-date with all the latest information as to how the competition is going on on a weekly basis and also on the notice board at Waterloo Square.

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Fred HolleyWell done Fred Holley, winner of the Tuesday Triples Competition 2014.

Last year we had an average of 20 players, but this year we had more than 20 bowlers taking part in this event. After all the more the merrier and its a good way of practising your more unusual shots or trying out new ones!

You'll be surprised as to what you can do when its a friendly game amongst friends.

We can guarantee lots of laughter and why sit at home on your own being miserable when you could be on the green annoying someone else!

All members are welcome to join us at any time during the season and are sure to have a good mornings play in excellent company when we are all out on the green having fun and enjoying ourselves.

We are able to play on "A" green as it is an official competition with results posted on the notice board at Waterloo Square on a weekly basis. 2 points for just turning up, plus 1 point for a win.